Open your real estate agency in THAILAND

Finally want to be your own boss? Is real estate an area that interests you? You want to expatriate in Thailand and do a nice job in the country of smiles?

Open your FRED & Co real estate franchise, whatever the sector where you want to live your new life in THAILAND

At FRED & Co, you can generate a lot of commissions, but no miracle, a complete training is mandatory to succeed (on average between 3 and 6 months are necessary to make your first sales once your branch opens).

We accompany you from A to Z in the process of installation, creation of your franchise, training and throughout the life of your activity

  • - Support for your installation in an area with high potential to give you the maximum chance to succeed
  • - Support in obtaining VISAS & creation of your structure in complete serenity
  • - Selection of commercial premises & development assistance
  • - Legal training on the rules of real estate in Thailand (property rights, urban planning, etc.) to avoid pitfalls
  • - Technical training to become a real estate expert and to be n°1 on your sector 
  •    . Use & training in different documents (sales mandate, offer to purchase, voucher, ...)
  •    . Implementation of a strategy adapted to your sector (target of sellers, type of good, market research,...)
  •    . Real estate expertise training to sell your property in 3 weeks
  •    . Ways to save time in your business
  • - Integration into the FRED & Co network to increase your sales faster
  • - For 14 days you are integrated in an existing FRED & CO agency to complete your training
  • - Participation in all weekly private sessions of the FRED & CO network

No question of leaving you all alone without training and support.

Our promise is to make you refer so that you become #1 in your sector, in order to have a profitable real estate activity and to get recognition from your clients, even if you start from scratch. 

This is possible if you are motivated, and you are ready to train yourself in this profession that requires the mastery of very varied subjects. We help you and accompany you to use the methods and techniques that have proven their worth.

If you want to take control of your life now, fill out the form, you will be contacted quickly by a member of our FRED & Co team, you will be able to attend a free weekly session with theme.

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